10-31-05 12:16PM
So Halo 2 officially sucks. I stopped playing in August. It is riddled with cheaters and modders... and is just not fun like halo 1 was.

11-19-04 12:41PM
What's new... I fucked up my knee, got sick, played a lot of Halo2, ended up getting invited into another clan... lots of super fun stuff. I am going to do a full writeup of my impressions of Halo2. mfen hates multiplayer, and that made my decision to stay in this new clan easier. I still have content to put out for fattybox, and it is an official Halo2 clan,but I think ClanFattyBox is going to end up being a Halo1 only clan.

11-8-04 1:36PM
Well... In less than 9 hours, we will be standing in line like 12 year old girls trying to touch Ricky Martin's cock... Except our mission, our objective is a little less gay: Midnight Madness at EBGames to pick up our 3 copies of Halo2. Even with all of that going on, I managed to put up a new, short vid. A couple of the other clan members also made a vid of their own. Check them both out here

Haloween2 was absolutely incredible. Two days of Halo Lan and XBC action. I have hours of video to go through to make a Haloween2 vid. Just ask DanTheMan about waking up in another man's pants! :-O

Some site updates to help organize things a bit. I am still working on final design, and I think it has a long way to go. Feel free to let me know what you think.