I got tired of using .bat files to get good, high compression using Uharc 0.2 beta (copyright 1997, Uwe Herklotz). So I decided to make a program that did that for me.

Check it out. It's Freeware

Update to version 2.2 (348k)

Uharc4Retards v2.2 With VisualBasic Dll's (1.74 megs)

Uharc4Retards v2.2 W/out VB Dll's (549k)

Known Issues: Uharc does not recognize long filenames (only the dos 8.3 format). (So Program Files would be compressed and decompressed as Progra~1.) It Only Compresses a directory, including subdirectories and all files in that directory

The Program will not decompress a .UHA in a root directory of a drive (So C:\Uharc.uha would have to be put in a new directory.) **When you double click on a .uha in a root directory, it does decompress.**

If you notice any bugs, or have any VB suggestions, E-mail me, Milkysunshine@milkysunshine.com