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7-2-98.... hey all. it's me cip.. moogin. chris.. i ask you. for the last time.. why is the world a giant bowl of gay... and why does it seem everyone bathes in it... tonight was the worst night at denny's ever.. we waited over 40 min. just for chris to get his food.. and there were a bunch of gay assholes there.... but something funny did happen.. actually it was really funny.... there was this thing.. i don't know if it was a guy or girl. but it was with it's dad.. and these three hood rats came and sat down in the section where we were and the thing was... well to make a long story short.. it took like 20 min. for this thing and it's father to get their drinks.. and when they did the one hood rat said well that girl finally got her drink.. and then turned and said girl right? LOL... it was a male.. and he looked at us.. and i laughed so hard.. and then the hoodie was like girl or guy?.. it was so funny.. then they left without paying.. as did another table.. it was really bad service.. ok.. so we get out of denny's and i get in the car... and a car pulls up next to us.. and this girl is talking to me.. and the window is up so i didn't hear her.. so i told lou to stop.. and i rolled down the window.. and this girl says, "hey, i got a good question for you. You guys wear cologne right?" and she gets out of her car and starts talking about free samples and a demonstration.. and shit.. i wasn't listening i was in awe of the girl in the passenger seat.. she was amazing i mean perfect... wow.. anyway.. to make a long story short they tried to get money out of us. and we ended up with a car that smells like 4 different colognes and shit.. on top of that.. tony from grand union got fired last night.. after working there for 8 years... he was cool.. but he got caught stealing.... the funny part is he was stealing KY jelly... LOL... tony is gay... you see... literally.. homosexual.. i mean he was cool though.. as a person.. anyway.... yesterday was a shit day too.. it was my day off and i tried to fix my outside door handle on my car and i ended up not being able to open it from the inside either.. and i left my windows down and it poured.. fuck.... life has shit the bed the last couple days.. damnit.. but one good thing did happen.. Lou started driving taxi's for the city of poughkeepsie.. LMAO... that's so great.. well now that tony is gone i am going to get the talk tomorrow from our manager about me getting a raise and more hours.. and shit so i will have even less a life.. well if anyone out there wants to talk.. let me know.. just mail me.. talk to me .. help.. im losing it.. well fuck i lost it a while ago it's gone... i don't even remember what it is.. that's how gone it is.. i'm going now.. i think i better go lay down. before i hurt myself or something.. need sleepy... bye

and to all a good night

Welcome back all.... we have a lot of new things to tell you about. it has been 3 or more months since our last update and here it is. James is officially friendless. He stole my New Playstation Game that i had just bought and he said that his boss gave it to him (yeah fucken right!!!) I still have the god damn reciept. All he ever does is stay at kelly's and work (yes... he did finally find a job.) Anyway. I am still working at The great Grand Union. I did get a raise... that is cool.... And we have a new addition to our home..... We got some pussy. it is not another person, but is to be treated and respected like one. We got a black pussy named SLAYER!!! This cat rules. This one is good.... Just tonight (june 12th), Cip, Lou and I went to denny's. There was this really old smelly homeless bag lady sitting at one of the tables.... When we got there... there were lots of people there, but as the night progressed, more and more people left. then all that was left in our non smoking section was this group of three guys as well as us and the old lady... who was still in a comatose state. Anyway... we look over and see the other group of kids were planning something. They got a straw ready... a little bit of paper in the mouth. Then the aim... SPLAT!!!! The spitball hit the old lady right in the face... it didn't even phase her from her slumber... so, they did it again... This time we were all laughing. The lady twitches her head while awakening. The other kids ran out to the lobby and got their check. We were still laughing... well making a long story short, it was fucken funny. Then Lou started bitching (like usual) then he looks at his french fries, seeing that they put monterey jack on his Fries instead of cheddar like he had asked for. He starts bitching again under his breath and then he goes... "it's such an inconvenience" We laughed with joy. Oh YEAH Sarah is on vacation! We are all going to a party tomorrow and we will never be the same again..... so for now... I am out of here.... but before I welcome in DJ assmaster cip to add his spiel to our wonderful page..... here is lou with a brief announcement.

Whats up Bitches, Whats up Sluts. I know that everyone misses me but you know how to reach me. Just E-Mail Left Nut (Chris) or Right Nut (Cip). Ladies I know you have heard the stories now become my reality and remember kids who hunt, trap and fish, dont mug little old ladies.
P.S. James I Hate You! Peace!

The previous has been paid for by the we all know Lou is a bad name for man-kind foundation

hey all it's me cip... moogin... chris.. satan... it's been a while... i've been through alot of shit in the last three months... i'm not gonna reflect on most of it because it's not all good... but i will be writing a book soon.. called the world is a giant bowl of gay... and everyone bathes..... well i will be updating my web page.. there is a link to it on this site... i am going to add more pics.. of me and all of us.. and a rare pic of james as a baby.. speaking of james.. i haven't seen him in 3 months.. nor do i really care to.. he chooses not to have friends.. and believe you me if it was my playstation game i'd beat him to death with my dick.. i'm not gay... stop touching me.. sorry... anywho... i've just been playing my guitar alot and i got my camaro.. 81' black... it's sweet.. i will be putting a pic of it on my site.. it needs a little help but other than that it's nice... i still am convinced the world will end soon.... atleast it's all i have left to make me want to get up and go everyday.. no i'm kidding life aint that bad... it could be worse.. believe me i vow to never say it can't get any worse again.. i did that 2 months ago. and i paid for it... but you learn right.... well i will have some more updates on my life on my webpage so stay intouch k? see yall.... -cip

Now below is our update previous to this one but it rules!!!! C YA LATER!!!!!!

Hey all... it's been a while since the last update... and a lot has happened... and a lot is going to happen. Well.. to start... Lou moved out.... YEAH!!!!! next I (chris) hurt my knee again.. this is the fourth time. Me and James painted lous old room and moved into it.. but James still hasn't moved all of his stuff from upstairs... I don't know if he really wants to.. ohh yeah... and he is still jobless.. Cip, well... he can write it so here's Cip: hey everyone, it's me. cip...I am ok, my life is going through changes, I got my license, and I am in the process of getting my car fixed. It needs help.....lots of it.....I am going to be looking for a new job after it is on the road, and I am thinking about going to school, I haven't been up to much, I am going to be recording some jazz stuff with a drummer and a bass player soon, so that should be fun. Other than that nothin much is going on in my life, and James, well yeah......he is 20 now, wow, 20......damn james is old.... Now I know why he stays upstairs and watches his grandmother watch wheel of fortune....Chris turns 18 April 20th, the same day hitler was born (wow, that explains alot.) I won't be 19 until July 23rd..... well, I will turn the keyboard back over to chris, I am going to bed folks, need sleepy....bye all....-cip

here is the last and final update.... we are having a party this friday..... it is going to be our biggest party ever.... so if i live through it.... c you all later!!!

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