March 27th, 1999- wow....It's been a long time since I've really updated anything on this site.... There's a really good reason. WE DON'T LIVE THERE ANYMORE!!!!!! I (Chris S.) Moved out first... and in with my (now x) girlfriend Sarah... Sold my Cadillac, but I still work at GU. Then I basically got tired of Sarah's shit and kicked her out. She moved in with some 33 year old hick-dirt merchant in Connecticut. Life goes on. I got a new girlfriend in like 2 months....... life has otherwise been slaving to money lately... as for the others? I'll tell you what I know.

I don't get a chance to ever talk to Lou, so I think he's still working for Sloper... He and Cip moved back in with their mom. Cip intentionally got himself fired from GU, and I assume he has another job by now...I rarely chat with him when I see him online. That's about it.... As for James, he came into the GU the other morning and I asked him if he had come across my game, (Gran Turismo, only one of the best damn racing games I have ever played!. Which I know he stole from me of course) And he just turned away and said no. Well you know what? Fuck him!!! At least I don't live with my Grandmother... leeching of her money and working at McDonalds.(James is working the AM at McDonalds again.) That kid really has no future. Man... things sure have changed.... no more nightly trips to Denny's, No more Mary.... no more Parties. Well actually... that's not true.. we went to a party about 3 months ago and it was the SHITTIEST party I have ever went to in my life... We walk in and there are like 4 Guys there.... WOW.... what a slammin' Party... So guess what.... We went to Denny's. it never fails. I work nights now so I never go out anymore.. it sucks.... but it's where the $$$$ is. 10-4.... over and out.      -Chris S.

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